A tragicomedy written by Stella Bösz / Performances in March 2023

K.E.T. - Kufstein English Theatre presents "Mountain View"

Six friends promise each other to climb the same mountain together every few years. They meet there again and again: as kids, as teenagers, in the prime of their lives and when they grow old. Every time we meet them, they have changed – and the world around them changes as well. The play “Mountain View” – written by 18-year old Stella Bösz – is a story about ageing, about friendship and love, about loss and regret. Six people try to cope with life – each in their own way. Can their friendship endure the sound and the fury of an ever more turbulent world?


Age restriction:
Recommended for age 14 and older / Empfohlen ab 14 Jahren

Public performances (Öffentliche Abendaufführungen):
Sa 18.3. 1930 / Wed 22.3. 1930 / Su 26.3. 1800
@ Kultur Quartier Kufstein
Entry fee (Eintritt): €10 / €5 for students

Performances for schools (Aufführungen für Schulen):
Mi 22.3. 930 und 1400
Entry fee (Eintritt): €0

Duration (Dauer): ca. 120 min (including break / mit Pause)

Performers (Darstellende):
Stella Bösz
Aleksander Chylinski
Andreas Astl
Marco Juffinger
Daria Madersbacher
Lorenz Manzl

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