The young actors of the K.E.T. present another stage spectacle on June 19 and 20, 2023

Kufstein English Theatre (K.E.T.) - The Time Machine

Time Travel – countless books, movies and shows treat this fascinating concept. What if human beings were able to visit the distant future or the distant past? One of the first authors that took time travel seriously was the science fiction writer H.G. Wells. His epic novel “The time machine” has opened the door to new dreams, new possibilities and new hopes.
The young performers of Kufstein English Theatre show a fantastic stage spectacle, based on the classic tale of Eloys and Morlocks but also including the account of additional journeys to the worlds of tomorrow and of yesteryear.

Age restriction:
Recommended for all ages / für alle Altersstufen geeignet

Public performances (Öffentliche Abendaufführungen):
Mon 19.6. 1930 / Tue 20.6. 1930
@ Kultur Quartier Kufstein
Entry fee (Eintritt): €10 / €5 for students

Performances for schools (Aufführungen für Schulen):
Tue 20.6. 900 / 1100 und 1430
Entry fee (Eintritt): €0

Duration (Dauer): ca. 70 min (no break / keine Pause)

Performers (Darstellende):
Melanie Winkler, Erik Grumer, Olivia Karrer, Ella Zachmann, Maja Kleinheinz, Nedzma Topcagic, Sophia Warbek-Eder, Victoria Schernthanner, Victor Napthali, Sophia Scheicher, Katharina Spomer, Kay Strohmeyer, Julia Wojtunik, Luka Bado, Anna Buchsteiner, Benedikt Pirkner, Tobia Dadié, Karim Jaoui, Aikaterini Lampridou, Lorena Tröber, Clemens Walter, Lili Bauer, Charlotte Bölderl,  Emma Flörl, Stella Prevedel, Anne Roth, Elaine Spazierer