Religious Education teacher Nelly Gschwandtner offers support for various concerns

NEW: weekly guidance sessions for students

Our world is dynamic, complex, and multifaceted. So, too, is the individual. The plurality within oneself can appear to be challenging at times, especially in relation to the world that surrounds us. As a school, we are well aware that each person, and hence each student, is unique and has individual needs. These needs can sometimes be contradictory and incomprehensible to oneself. In light of this, we want to provide our students, in addition to the classroom and the school itself, with an opportunity that is even more personal.

Do you feel the need to talk about something? Are you simply looking for a trusted person to listen to you, or do you need support and guidance? It can be anything related to your world and the world around you. Just show up!

You can come by the exam room, on the second floor, each Monday from 12:30 to 13:30 pm starting on March 13th. If the door is open, feel welcome! If it is closed, a conversation is taking place. Please be patient and wait outside until someone comes out. If it takes too long, write to Nelly Gschwandtner via Teams and you will get an appointment for the following Monday.

”Growing up can be challenging. Sometimes it needs a little support or maybe just a neutral person to listen to, so that a certain lightness can unfold again. Every concern is valuable and is accepted with the utmost respect and absolute trust.“ (Nelly Gschwandtner)