ACES Virtual Conference "Moving beyond COVID"

ISK Tirol participated in conference which tackled topics of interest to all areas of an IB school

As the ISK Tirol is a member of the Association of Central European IB Schools (ACES), we participated in the ACES Virtual Conference & Annual General Meeting from March 22nd-24th.  The focus of this year´s meeting was “Moving Beyond COVID: As a School, As an Association” and many different webinars were offered over the course of three days.

The first day started off with the Heads & Coordinators Meet & Greet for DP, MYP, PYP, CAS and EE Coordinators. The CAS Coordinators Meeting was hosted by our CAS-Coordinator Mona Semsch together with the CAS-Coordinator of the Graz International Bilingual School. Focus of this meeting was the difficult situation of our students in the DP (Diploma Programme/Year 7 and 8) to do service experiences due to the pandemic. Coordinators from all over Europe shared their experiences and ideas with each other in order to “move beyond COVID”.

The Conference was also packed with relevant and interesting speakers from across the IB universe surrounding the topics ´Happiness´, Creating Virtual Professional Learning, Dyslexia, The Adolescent Brain, Writing to Heal, and many more.

Mag. Mona Semsch, CAS-Coordinator

CAS (Creativity-Activity-Service): CAS is a core subject of the IB program, which is attended by students worldwide at every IB school. In this subject, students learn to discover new skills and make new experiences for themselves. These experiences are equally made in the three strands C-Creativity, A-Activity and S-Service.