Budapest Cup 2018

ISK-students competed in an international synchronized skating competition

Two students from the class 7a, Anna Lüthi und Hannah Albrecht, spent the weekend from March 2nd until March 4th in Budapest to compete at the well-known Budapest Cup. Being part of the 4x Austrian Student Championship winning team Tyrol Diamonds, they got the chance to experience the excellent sportsmanship, the diverse Hungarian culture and got to know other participating teams.

The competition gave them the opportunity to grow as a team and to demonstrate the skills that they gained throughout the season. Through being part of the team and various teambuilding activities that they took part in, they developed their collaborative skills which also play a huge role in the IB learner profile. The international atmosphere and getting to know the Hungarian culture were useful to gain insight into the cultural aspects of the IB.

The figure skating section of the ATV Kufstein is one of the many possibilities for students of the ISK Tirol to get active and try out different sports. Doing sports helps to maintain a healthy balance between school life and free time which is a lot of fun as well.

Anna Lüthi und Hannah Albrecht