CAS – Creativity, Activity and Service

The ISK-students get involved in creative, sporting and social projects for the community

Bike tour by A. Holas and A. Galle

Crafting with children by N. Maier, A. Ingram, M. Loinger, A. Obholzer, A. Lüthi and H. Albrecht

Digital Painting by Natalie Bangheri

In the spirit of the IB mission statement, our school “aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect”. Of course, every school subject contributes to achieve this goal, but there are some skills you cannot learn and some experiences you cannot make inside a classroom. Some things can only be learnt through real life experiences – that is why CAS is one of the three core subjects of the IB Diploma Programme.

CAS is about life-long learning – it encourages students to take up and embrace new challenges and explore new possibilities in their lives. CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. In their CAS programme, our ISK students engage in purposeful and meaningful activities outside of school.

In the Creativity strand students explore and extend their creative ideas and talents by e.g. learning a new instrument, playing theatre, exploring their cooking skills, performing handicraft work or by acquiring new IT skills such as digital drawing, programming, or designing websites.

For Activity, students engage in physical activities in order to establish a lifelong healthy lifestyle. To do so, students try new sports like hiking, dancing or snowboarding or improve their physical fitness, strength and endurance by regularly going running, cycling or to the gym.

For service, students should learn how to engage themselves with and contribute to their local communities through, for instance, tutoring others, helping the elderly or participating in charity events. Apart from these regular experiences students also run collaborative CAS projects for a good cause.

These range from raising awareness and money for different issues such as homelessness, plastic pollution and slow fashion to creating ISK hoodies, helping at an animal shelter or planting trees. One highlight is spring was definitely the Charity Concert by Emma and Nik Strohmeyer with incredibly talented singers and musicians from a wide range of genres.

Mag. Mona Semsch