"Die Physiker"

5a visited comedy by Friedrich Dürrenmatt at the Tiroler Landestheater

On the evening of Wednesday the 26th of February, 2020 class 5A took the train to Innsbruck to visit the Landestheater and watch “Die Physiker”, written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

Having read the entire play in class prior to the performance, it still impressed us a lot. Most of us like the new version of the ending, although some enjoyed the original ending more. The play was a great foundation for an interesting discussion on the way back, since it could be interpreted in various ways.

“In der Freiheit sind unsere Gedanken Sprengstoff” states the dangers of breakthroughs in the field of Physics. Most of us thought it referenced the Atomic Bombs, although we weren’t quite sure whether it might also reference something else. As a whole, we found it an amazing play and would definitely recommend it.

Luis, Barbara, Lorin - 5a

„Der Inhalt der Physik geht die Physiker an, die Auswirkungen alle Menschen. Was alle angeht, können nur alle lösen.“ Friedrich Dürrenmatt