"I just want to stay in London forever."

Unforgettable experiences and cultural exchange in one of the world´s most vibrant destinations

We, class 6a, spend a very exciting week in London from the 24th to the 28th of June.

During the day we explored London together with our English teacher Mrs Semsch and our KV Mr Holzknecht. During the week we visited various museums that gave us lots of inspiration for our future IB subjects such as the Imperial War Museum and the British Museum for History, the Science and Natural History Museum for Biology and we also enjoyed a great street art tour for Visual Arts. Of course, we also visited the most important sites of London to discover its history and culture.

On Tuesday we watched the Comedy about a Bank Robbery at the Criterion Theatre. Each day we also had free time in which we were allowed to explore the city on our own in small groups. The evenings we spend with our host families in London. All in all, it was a great experience to visit the multicultural melting pot called London.

6a, students and teachers

`I loved meeting new people and discovering a different culture.‘ - Vanessa Damian
`Breathtaking!‘ - Magdalena Bramböck
`London is such a beautiful city.‘ - Sarina Hurst
`I just want to stay in London forever.‘ - Anja Widmoser

The ISK Tirol would like to thank the Province of Tyrol for the financial support of this field trip.