K.E.T. – Kufstein English Theatre

Students as "stage stars“

An audience of 120 spectators enjoyed the performance of the first play by "Kufstein English Theatre" - the town's newest and youngest theatre ensemble - on June 20, 2017. All of its members are students of the ISK. The play was called "the flower girl" and was performed throughout in the Englisch language. The final applause lasted for several minutes. The audience was surprised by the serious and mature acting of the 15 to 16 year old students. The German subtitles, which accompanied the play above the heads of the young actors and actresses, met high appreciation. After one year of preparation the students were proud to show their newly gained skills in dramatic acting.

Klaus Reitberger, the ISK drama teacher, comments: "What's special about the theatre course at ISK is that every student is part of it. The complete class is present on stage. Theatre is regarded as an essential expierence." In the years to come, every 6th grade class will give public performances. And what's on the programme for next year? Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."