Cooperation with the "Sozialmarkt Kufstein"

Independent social commitment within the subject "CAS - Creativity, Activity, Service", a core component of the IB curriculum

(c) Stadt Kufstein

In the 7th and 8th class all ISK-students are socially (S-Service), athletically (A-Activity) and creatively (C-Creativity) active outside school hours as part of CAS. CAS is a central element of IB education.

Recently, ISK Tirol - initiated by CAS-coordinator Mag. Mona Semsch - started a cooperation with the "Sozialmarkt Kufstein".

A social market is a store that offers products at low, non-profit prices to people with a proven low income. People who are living on the poverty line have the opportunity to buy everyday products at a reasonable price.

It is intended to establish contacts with people who are permanently separated due to their financial situation and have no opportunity to participate in social life.

Our students work together with other volunteers for two hours a week in teams of two. They pick up goods from shops, prepare articles (labeling, packaging, portioning, vacuuming, etc.) and take care of the service of customers. An employee of the market works with the young people and acts as contact person.

Certain experiences can only be made in "real life" situations - that's why CAS is one of the core elements of the IB. A holistic approach encourages the individual development of ISK-students and strengthens their collaborative interaction with others.