LIKRAT – the Jewish Youth Organisation paid a virtual visit

Organisation informed students how they combined the life of an Austrian teenager with the attempt to lead a religious Jewish life

The classes 7A and 7B had the possibility to get to know members of the Jewish Youth Organisation LIKRAT. LIKRAT is an intercultural program where modern Judaism in Austria should be made visible.

Eden, Benya and Eidel, all three of them living in Vienna, informed us how they combined the life of an Austrian teenager with the attempt to lead a religious Jewish life.

In small group discussions, students could ask any questions they wanted. Here are some of their impressions:

“I did not know that even nowadays Jews, who live in Vienna still experience a lot of hate and it was interesting to learn more about their religion and believes”. - Antonia, 7A 

“My personal opinion about the Likrat is that I think that it is very interesting and fascinating to hear people talk about their religion and how they talked was very interesting. I also think that they explained their point of views accurately and I could have listened to them for a longer time.” - Emma, 7A 

I found it very interesting and I learned a lot of new things about judism, and I think it's very brave of them that they don't mind answering quite personal questions.” - Cas, 7B

“I found the Likrat very interesting and I liked the opportunity that we could talk to people our age, because it made us all in a way be more curious and we could be more open when asking the questions. It was good that we received an insight into their lives.”  - Maria, 7B 

“It was a very interesting experience and I have learned a lot about Judaism - that there is more than Antisemitism and the Holocaust - and its culture. I am really glad I got the chance to take part.” –  Sophie, 7B

“It was very exciting to learn more about the Jewish religion and its people. It is always enlightening and important to learn about different religions and cultures as   this helps one to understand others and make the world a better and more peaceful place.” - A. Schauer, 7B 

“I found the Likrat very interesting since we talked about many topics, such as culture, food, relationship with other people, perspectives on other religions, which are not so obvious as they seem. It was nice to learn about the Jewish Austrian and their culture!!” – Lejla, 7B 

“I think it was really interesting because we learned a lot about what is outside of all the bad things connected to the Jewish religion and talked more about things like culture, food etc.”  - Deniz, 7B  

“I learned a lot of things today and it’s was surprising that Jewish people till today still experience       hate because it’s not something that is usually discussed a lot.” - Imma, 7B