„Neustart Schule“ visits ISK Tirol

Initiative aims to bring movement into the education policy

H. Madl und W. Weiskopf (left) had a visit from „Neustart Schule“

"Neustart Schule" is an initiative of the Federation of Austrian Industries and their partners (e.g. Red Cross, Caritas, Diakonie, Teach for Austria and many more). The aim of the initiative is to draw attention to the need for educational reform with the support of partners, experts and sections of the population and to encourage policy to put it into practice. For more information please visit

The „Neustart-Team“ started a tour through Austria in June 2015 to collect themes concerning different aspects of education policy throughout Austria and to present best practice approaches.

A camera crew visited International School Kufstein Tirol on 10 June 2015. Herbert Madl, Head of School, presented the special features of ISK Tirol and guided the guests through the modern school facilities. Especially the international focus, the individual talent development and the unique synergies with the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol were emphasized by the Leadership Team, Madl and Walter Weiskopf, 

The representatives of the Federation of Austrian Industries were impressed by the innovative strategy and the modern curriculum of the denominational private school.

The report is available on the internet under the following link: Video des Tour-Stops in Tirol