“Outdoor and Fun Sports“

To experience sports as a varied and creative exercise in different locations

The aim of this subject – in addition tot he subject “Physical Education“ –  is to offer sports and activities that provide students with opportunities in getting to know new types of exercise, be it outdoors or in different venues. The core areas in this school year were:

-          Ice Skating/ Ice Hockey: The Kufstein Arena can easily be reached from the school and offers extraordinary opportunities to try out these great sports;

-          Climbing: Due to the fact that the climbing centre oft he Alpenverein (AV) in Kufstein is in walking distance to ISK Tirol, several sessions could take place including acquistion of proper climbing technique and the playful encounter with the sport „Bouldering“, as well as an introduction to equipment and securing in top-rope climbing;

-          Hiking/Sledding: ISK Tirol is located not far from very scenic hiking routes up to beautiful restaurants in the mountains („Alm“) as well as up to summits. This offered the opportunity for an occasional hike during the beginning of the school year (e.g. up to Duxer Alm, Gasthof Hinterdux) as well as an adventurous sledding down from Gasthof Hinterdux in winter;

-          Fitness Center „Impuls“ (Power endurance training/“Spinning“): Thanks to the great cooperation with the owner of the center Werner Zellner it was possible to experience an affordable, professionally-instructed power endurance training (circuit method) as well as a modern, music-supported endurance training on ergometers (“Spinning“). Students could see the benefits of autonomous training.

-          Flag Football: This trend sport without contact from the US is very suitable for physical education in school. Different coaches from the American Football Team “Schwaz Hammers“ (one of them a real Football star, a Quarterback from the US) introduced the students to this fast and tactical sport. As a highlight at the end of this training periode a big game between the “ISK boys“ and the “ISK girls“ took place;

-          Parcour/Freerunning: The team of the “4 elements academy“ with trained coaches in this relatively new sport made it possible for ISK Tirol to get to know this mix of acrobatics, climbing, gymnastics and forms of track and field;

-          Orienteering: Students learned how to orient themselves with the help of a map of Kufstein and competed against each other in a long distance run around different spots marked in the map;

-          Beachvolleyball: After training the basic techniques of the volleyball sport in the gym, several students had the chance to improve their technique in the „“Beachvolleyball-course“ during the sports week. After that students‘ skills in this sport were further developed in the Kufstein Arena (where in the meantime there are Beachvolleyball fields instead of an ice skating rink), so that ISK Tirol delivers a good performance in the final Beachvolleyball tournament at the sports day together with the BG Kufstein;

The great variety of activities and sports should offer the opportunity for students to personally find an attractive sport that contributes to a meaningful and healthy leisure time. Therefore the collaboration with sport companies as well as clubs is of vital importance for a sustainable commitment to the sport (e.g. with the Alpenverein Kufstein, Fitness Center “Impuls“, Football Club “Schwaz Hammers“, “Parcour Academy Wattens“, etc).

Mag. Andreas Schwab, teacher for "Bewegung und Sport", "Outdoor and Fun Sports"