Reading with bestseller author Ursula Poznanski

"Erebos 2" immediately took first place in the "Spiegel bestseller list" in the field of fiction hardcover

On Thursday, 24 October 2019, both classes, 5a and 5b, went to the "Lebensmittelpunkt" which is an event place in Kufstein. We took part in the book reading of Ursula Poznanski, where she read her follow up book "Erebos 2", which continued the story of her bestseller "Erebos". She read the first two chapters of her book, after which we were allowed to ask her questions.

The first part of the book introduced us to the two main characters and reintroduced us to the world of “Erebos”, in which a video game installed itself onto the phones of two people, one of which being the main character of her first book ten years later. Most questions were about the characters, and if they are based on real people, and further book ideas. We also asked about her life and how she became to be a book author.

Johanna, a year 5 student mentioned, “It’s amazing when an author who wrote the book reads the book in the way she envisioned it.”

Maurits van Staalduinen - 5A