Students celebrate a great success in the “Essay Contest“

Contest of the Canada Centre (University of Innsbruck), the subject “English Preparation“ is bearing fruit

The language of instruction at the International School Kufstein Tirol is English. After 4 school years our graduates achieve a „near native“ speaker-level.

In order to allow students of the first year to enter this language successfully and sustainably in a short time, ISK Tirol offers special support: in the subject “English Preparation“ the focus is on developing further all language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing) in the English language. The course enables the students to easily grow into this most important business and academic language worldwide.

The 5a class of ISK Tirol participated in the “Essay Contest“ by the Canada Centre of University of Innsbruck in the above-mentioned subject. The young people gained a lot of insights into the importance and practicality of a good spoken and written command of the English language.

All of the submitted essays were of high quality. In an award ceremony at the Canada Centre in Innsbruck at the end of May the winning essays were presented.

The first place went to Trystan Noll with an essay about the Canadian biochemist and one of the co-discoverers of insulin: „A Great Mind – Charles Best“.

Also the following students of ISK Tirol received awards:

·         Achorner Sabrina („Bryan Adams“)

·         Maier Lea („The fastest immigrant in Canada – Donovan Bailey“)

·         Pfister Maximilian („The man who never gave up – Gerhard Herzberg“)

Herbert Madl, Head of School and Mona Semsch, teacher of EP are impressed with the achievement of the students: „The result is a great confirmation of the learning progress the students made in the current academic year and it also shows the success of indivdual coaching and independent work at ISK Tirol.“