School operations beginning January 10, 2022

Important informations

Throughout Austria, lessons continue to take place according to the regulations of risk level 3 (safety phase). Here is an overview of some of the measures:

- Schooling will take place in attendance.

- From 17.01.2022, all pupils will be tested twice a week by PCR, and additionally once a week by rapid antigen test. Vaccinated teachers and administrative staff may perform a PCR test twice a week, unvaccinated teachers are obliged to do so.

- If two PCR-confirmed Corona cases occur in a class within three days, the class will be switched to distance learning for five days.

- Permission for students to be absent from class, even for days at a time.

Compulsory wearing of masks in the entire school building, but not outdoors (breaks outdoor, outdoor exercise and sports)

- Lower Secondary level: at least MNS compulsory

- Upper Secondary level: FFP2 mask obligation

- Teaching and administrative staff: FFP2 mask obligation


Changes in contact management and segregation

- No more subdivision into K1 and K2

- No contact persons are "boostered" persons (3 x vaccinated) and 5 -11 year old children who have been vaccinated 2 times, or all those who have worn an FFP2 mask throughout.

- Contact persons and those who have tested positive can be "cleared" with a PCR test from the 5th day onwards.


Performance assessments

- Missed school work must be made up if more than half of the school work in the semester has been missed (e.g. due to quarantine). This also applies to AHS upper secondary schools.

- School work does not have to be made up if this is not possible in the semester in question and a reliable assessment of performance for the school level is possible with other performance assessments.


Source: Decree of the BMBWF 2022-0.011.043 of 7 January 2022