Successful participation of the ISK Tirol at the X-Day in the Kühtai ski ressort

The Ski-Cross-Team of the 5a ranked 2nd at their first attempt at the very tricky course!

The International School Kufstein has been trying to show several times that the whole range of “learning“ also contains experiential learning in out-of-school situations, during excursions or events. Especially in the field of sports certain activities - for which you just need more time – can easily be organised and carried out through day events. The X-Day - that is organised by the Landesschulrat für Tirol – is a big event and was a great opportunity to have a ski day with the whole class. On this X-Day each competing class had one team of four racers who tried to ski down the hard Ski-Cross-Course together as fast as possible.

The PE teachers Andreas Schwab and Mona Semsch accompanied the students on their bus journey to the Sellraintal, together with a 2nd class of the Gymnasium Kufstein and their PE teachers. There the team of 4 “racers“ was selected (Benjamin Merkl, Patrick Molnar, Isabella Burghart and Megan Alexander), the course was carefully inspected and race preparation took place through intensive warm-up and carving together with all their class mates who were there as a fan club as well as coaching personnel. The last part of the course with several high-speed-banks even lead into the halfpipe. Our team finished with hardly any incidents and with a great time and thus ranked 2nd in the category “Oberstufe mixed“.

After the substantial lunch break our team picked up the well-deserved silver medals and the whole 5a class was excited for the team and their big success on their first participation in this great event. Not only Fachinspektor Wolfgang Öbelsberger - who was there to award the medals at the medal ceremony – would be happy to see another team of the ISK Tirol compete next school year!

Report by A. Schwab