Tango Argentino meets ISK Tirol

Fascinating live performance by famous Lito Fontana Tango Band

"Sombra y nada mas", "Mis Buenos Aires querido" and "Sus ojos se cerraron" are just a few of the songs that the ensemble, also called "conjunto", played for us authentically and true to the original. The ensemble consists of 4 talented musicians who convinced us of this specific kind of music with their skillful music demonstration on the guitar, violin, trombone and on the accordion. But not only the new experience, but also the background of this music was an important part of this performance.

In order to bring us closer to the culture, the musicians explained to us and told us about the "birthplace" of Tango and introduced us to well-known composers and artists such as Carlos Gardel or Astor Piazzolla. By letting us hear different types of harmonies they explained to us the development from the old “Tango viejo” to the modern style, the “Tango nuevo”.

Many students were able to get excited about this type of music through this performance because it was not all about playing the music but also about learning and understanding the background, which made it all more interesting and exciting. A lot of new information was mentioned and many of us learned something new.

All in all, it was a very informative and eye-opening experience.

(Report by Maria Kuhn, 6a)