Leadership Team & Teaching Staff

Leadership Team v.l.n.r: Herbert Madl, Walter Weiskopf
Leadership Team v.l.n.r: Herbert Madl, Walter Weiskopf

School Administration

Herbert Madl, Prof. Mag. phil., MSc
Headmaster / Authorized Signatory of ISK Tirol GmbH

phone: +43 5372 21990, email: office@isk-tirol.at 

Walter Weiskopf, Mag. (FH )
Administrator / Managing Director of ISK Tirol GmbH



Teaching Staff

The following goals are of the highest priority for our teaching staff:

  • Working together with the goal of fulfilling our mission statement
  • Knowledge transfer that is free of deficit orientation
  • Individual development of skills and talents
  • Emphasis on personality development within a respectful environment
  • Increasing self-esteem and the ability to deal with conflicts              

ISK Tirol teachers see themselves as

  • Facilitators of the learning process with a high degree of interest in helping students reach their individual goals
  • Coaches who respond to the individual needs of the adolescents
  • Counselors for the students in all matters related to school 

    ISK Tirol teachers are committed to 

    • The goals of the school, the mission statement and the educational requirements of the IBO
    • Teaching students in a modern and innovative way and in accordance with the IB Learner Profile
    • Promoting the students’ willingness and ability to learn
    • Paying particular attention to using sustainable teaching methods
        Teaching staff, school year 2018/19
        Subject Teacher Consultation hours*
        Religion Mag. Elisabeth Angerer Thursday, 14:35 - 15:25
        Mathematics, English, English Preparation Course Mag. Laura Bärnthaler (form tutor 5A) Tuesday, 11:15 - 12:05
        Mathematics, English, IB Coaching Louise Canham, BSc (hons) CELTA (form tutor 8A) Thursday, 09:25 - 10:15
        Sports (boys), Outdoor and Fun Sports Mag. Raphael Derler Wednesday, 09:25 - 10:15
        Visual Arts Mag. Erich Exner Tuesday, 09:25 - 10:15
        German, German Immersion Programme, History, Academic Writing MMag. Hubert Feichter (form tutor 5B) Thursday, 10:25 - 11:15
        Biology, Chemistry, IT, Lab Ing. MMag. Peter Holzknecht (form tutor 6A) 10:25 - 11:15
        Religion evangelical Dr. Robert Jonischkeit by prior agreement
        German, German Immersion Programme OStR Mag. Herbert Madl, MSc (Head of School) by prior agreement
        German, History MMag. Dr. Sonja Nothegger-Troppmair Friday, 10:25 - 11:15
        Music Mag. Dr. Gabriele Peschl Tuesday, 16:20 - 17:10
        Spanish Mag. Johanna Rauch (form tutor 7A) Tuesday, 10:25 - 11:15
        Physics, Theatre / Drama in Education, Lab, Psychology and Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge Mag. Klaus Reitberger, MSc, PhD Tuesday, 10:25 - 11:15
        Geography and Economics Mag. Theresa Schmid Thursday, 13:40 - 14:30
        English, Sports (girls) Mag. Mona Semsch Thursday, 11:15 - 12:05
        *Prior notification to the teacher by students is necessary