6a and 5b: Field trip to Innsbruck

Visit of the Audioversum and an Escape Game in the Tyrolean state capital

On Friday, September 13th the classes 5b and us (the 6a) went to Innsbruck to visit the Audioversum. We even went to an Escape Room!

First, we spent some time at the Science Center where we learned about decibels and much more about sound. After that we got to solve a bunch of hands-on Maths problems. For example, playing with blocks to get a specific shape and other small simple activities to get out brains working a little bit. Later we took a ten-minute walk to an Escape Room where they had multiple spooky rooms. There were four different groups and each group went into a different room. Everyone had an hour to solve the tasks and to get out of the room. Luckily, all groups made it out alive before the time ran out :-)  

After all the excitement that day, our lovely teacher invited us for ice cream which made that day even more special. We were dropped off at the train station and all went back with a smile to enjoy the weekend.

Tabea Brinkmann (6a)