7 weeks of entrepreneurship with 7 Euro seed capital

Competition promoted business ideas of the students. Two teams of ISK Tirol were victorious.

A total of 12 teams from 4 schools from the Kufstein region with 60 students took part in the 7€ cash competition.

After 7 weeks of entrepreneurship, the 6th grade ISK-students presented their self-developed business ideas and projects in the grand finale of the competition on February 6, 2019 at the Fachhochschule Kufstein.

A jury of 10 experts rated the performances according to their innovation content, marketing, implementation and cooperation as well as their success. The final presentations and accompanying videos of the ISK-students were the most convincing!

The first place went to the team BHDP Natural Decorations (Noah Brunner, Vanessa Damian, Abigail Heatley, Martin Pfisterer) with handmade spruce wood decoration. ISK-students also won the video-challenge: TIROL Records (Helena Holly, Sarina Hurst, Leah Mayer, Sophie Mrozek, Tara Unterrainer) showed how easy it is to give joy with "recycled" records.

Mag. Theresa Schmid, ISK-Geography & Economics teacher, provided professional support for the teams of ISK Tirol and congratulated them on the result achieved.

The profits of all teams were donated for charitable purposes.

Link to the television report on Regio TV & KBTV 

Project abstracts, pictures und videos created by the students: