A Musical Journey to “Kaiser Maximilian”

Live Performance by internationally renowned specialist for Early Music Prof. Mag. Peter Waldner

With the beginning of the New Year 2020, Prof. Mag. Peter Waldner, a specialist for early music visited ISK Tirol. He lectures both at the Konservatorium Innsbruck and the Mozarteum in Innsbruck, and additionally is an internationally renowned musician with a fully booked concert calendar.

Peter Waldner gave as a vivid insight into the times of Kaiser Maximilian, into his live and his love to progress and new techniques, which also affected the world’s most famous musicians of the time, who were engaged by Kaiser Maximilian.

For an even more authentic experience Peter Waldner introduced us to a polygon spinet he brought along, by playing different pieces from the time of Kaiser Maximilian, like different dances from the mediaeval and the upcoming renaissance.  Like this we had the opportunity to immerse in the - to our ears often unusual - sound worlds of medieval and renaissance.

We now know that Maximilian was right on the border between mediaeval and the renaissance, stimulating many progressive developments and with that helping to give birth to the new times of the renaissance era. With many details about Maximilian and his way of living Peter Waldner gave an impression of how strong Maximillian’s influence was and how much it lasts until nowadays.

Up to now there are many things that remind us to Maximilian, like the “Goldene Dachl” and the “Schwarz-Manda Kirche”, which Mr. Waldner recommended us to visit.

Prof. Andreas Frehde, teacher for Music