Award Ceremony „Essay Contest“

ISK-students among the award winners

In 2017/2018, the Canada Centre of the University of Innsbruck again launched an Essay Contest for higher secondary schools (AHS and BHS). The award ceremony took place on May 28, 2018 in the „Claudiasaal“, Old Town Innsbruck:

Essay Contest – Concours de rédaction 2017/18

Canadian Scientists and their Achievements / Scientifiques canadiens et leurs réussites

The school’s students have celebrated noteworthy achievements in this year’s contest.

They received prizes in all of the three categories. Each remarkable essay explored the intriguing life of a Canadian scientist. 

1st category (language acquisition up to 5 years):

1st place: Leon Ritterbach

2nd place: Isabelle Schultz-Wild

3rd place: Lukas Lanik

5th place: Noah Brunner


2nd category (language acquisition for more than 5 years):

1st place: Ádám Hevér

2nd place: Emma Strohmeyer and Tristan Noll


3rd category (native speakers):

1st place: Melissa Kreindl


The winner of the 2nd category, Ádám Hevér, held a short presentation about Louis Slotin; a man who worked in the Manhattan Project and yearned for knowledge until his tragic and untimely death at the age of 35.

Afterwards the students were invited to a reception which included a wide variety of mouth-watering sandwiches and snacks; it was definitely an evening everyone enjoyed.