Earth Strike Innsbruck

7A and 8A joined the movement demanding immediate climate action from governments and corporations worldwide

Climate change and global warming are a huge issue and we acknowledge it. That's why on the 27th of September the 7A and 8A drove to Innsbruck to join the strike for Fridays For Future. We met in the morning, prepared the signs, took the train and arrived at 11:18. Pretty much after we walked to the plaza, we lost each other because so many people were there, 20.000 in fact.

Before it really started the organizers held speeches for an hour and waited for more people to come. At 11:55 we started marching the streets, shout and hold up our signs, everything accompanied by music. Throughout the walking I talked to a lot of amazing people when they either commented me on my sign or when I did on theirs.

The atmosphere seemed overwhelmingly positive and confident. People participated because of determination, not to get out of school. At one point we stayed for a short period of time at an intersection when suddenly from a window someone hung down a huge sign saying, "You are not alone" and the whole mass of people started cheering and clapping. It felt incredible, even emotional.

In all of Austria around 150.000 people took to the streets to use their voice and make a statement, and we were a part of it.

Anja Widmoser (7A)