Excursion to LKW Walter

Company tour of class 7A at LKW Walter, an ISK-partner from the very beginning

The students of 7A were invited to the 100 % family-owned company LKW Walter on April 4th where they got the opportunity to get a closer look into the company’s varieties of jobs, career opportunities, etc.

LKW Walter is an Austrian international logistics company. Their interests are transportation, container selling and leasing, and real estate investments to only name a few.

At first the students were introduced to the basics of the cooperation such as their itineraries, their revenue and their language institutions. Following that students were allowed to have a closer look into the working places inside the company. The students were divided into groups of three and four to talk to different employees who told them about their CVs, what languages they speak, what their specific transport areas are and how an order works and looks like. After the guided tour has ended the group had the possibility to discuss further issues during lunch in the famous “Auracher Löchl”.

Report by Benjamin Merkl, 7A