"Galle's Finest": Young author takes you away into the world of desserts

Alexander Galle, student of International School Kufstein Tirol, presents his first baking book.

He is just 15 years old and brought his passion for baking on paper: with "Galle's Finest" Alexander Galle publishes a book simply required reading, especially when you have a sweet tooth.

In the book you will find numerous recipes with easy-to-understand instructions, practical tips and illustrations, of course everything created and tested by the author himself. "Even as a child i liked to look over my mum´s shoulder in the kitchen. For more than two years now, I have been enjoying to bake. But i was never interested in cooking", Galle says with a smile.

In the book you can find family recipes and self-made creations, from a classic cake to an unusual cupcake. "I worked intensively on the book for three months, now i'm delighted to be holding it in my hands", says the 15-year old. In addition, he runs a lifestyle-blog and is active on Youtube and Instagram.

At some point in the future Alex could publish a new book, „but school comes first for now“, the student of ISK Tirol explains. The book "Galle's Finest" is now available for 24,99 euros in every bookstore as well as on the Internet.

Source:, M. Haberl -