Input from a Canadian „IB World School“

A student from Toronto shared her experiences about the contents of the „IB Diploma Programme“ with ISK students

Livia Stanger is currently attending an „IB World School“ graduating class based in Toronto (Canada) and is just about to finish school with the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma). During her visit to Kufstein she informed the ISK-students of her experiences with this high-quality programme of education at first hand.

The first „wow“ effect was created, when Livia greeted the young people in highly proficient German as well as in three additional languages (English, Spanish and French). The class was also impressed by the way the IB-student plans her school year and examination periods, coordinates the support of younger students and still finds time left to pursue her hobbies and leisure activities.

Under the moderation of Herbert Madl, the students had the opportunity to ask questions, which was used frequently.

The IB Diploma enhances Livias’ prospects of gaining access to renowned universities all over the world. She intends to study medicine in Canada or the USA.

Also ISK Tirol students graduate with the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma) which can be offered after the school successfully completes the accreditation process by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). 

The Leadership Team of ISK Tirol wishes Livia a lot of success for the upcoming examination period and is already looking forward to her next visit in Kufstein.