"Linguistic boundaries are there to be extended"

Poetry-Slam European Vice-Champion Markus Koschuh Held a workshop at ISK Tirol

None other than Markus Koschuh, two times Austrian Poetry-Slam Champion and European Vice-Champion, introduced the class to the "genre" Poetry Slam in early April.

The students created innovative short texts on various topics. The workshop leader provided them with professional support. 

Afterwards, four young people performed their self-written lyrics in front of the class. All lyricists solved the task very skillfully. First and foremost was the practical benefit for all participants, who acquired a lot of knowledge about the importance of language and performance.

Special thanks goes to Markus Koschuh for the competent execution of the workshop, to class 7A for the active participation and to the "Tiroler Kulturservice" for the support.