London week 2018

Experiences and memories that will never be forgotten

On Monday, the 14th of May, our trip started, when our whole class met at 8:15 am in front of our school where a bus picked us up, in order to take us to the airport in Munich. After we had checked in our luggage and got through all the security checks, we had about an hour’s time at the airport to buy some food, for instance. After our two-hour flight, we finally arrived at Heathrow airport at about 2 o’clock, where we picked up our luggage and got on the train to Victoria where we again had some free time to have some late lunch and already see a bit of London. After we had all finished, we met again and got on another train to our final stop, Eltham. We were all already super excited on the second train because our host families picked us up at Eltham at around 5 pm. It had already been a very exhausting day so we spent the rest of it with our host families at their houses, unpacking our stuff, having dinner with them and getting to know each other a bit. Because a few of us were living quite near to each other, some of us had the chance to meet together at a park and exchange their first thoughts about their families. The 1st day wasn’t actually that exciting, but we were already really looking forward to the next day because that one was a lot more exciting.

Tuesday was by far the most exhausting, but also the most exciting day of the London week. After the day we all went to bed with hurting feet, but with big smiles on our faces.

The day started like every day, at Eltham train station, where we all met. We took the train to Westminster and there we started with our self-guided sightseeing tour. In advance every student had prepared one of the sights to present and we had a nice and interesting sightseeing tour with the most important and also funny or weird facts.

After those 2 hours consisting of mostly walking we were all grateful to have some free-time in Covent Garden in which we could take a break and eat something. We spent the 3 hours eating, walking, visiting China Town and some music shops or just shopping. This was especially nice, because even if no one had really planned this time we had so much fun and saw a lot. Afterwards we went to the Imperial War Museum and had around 1 hour to spend there. It was really interesting to see how many students loved being in the museum and how some students made themselves into tour guides, because they knew so much about this topic and the others all listened carefully. Afterwards we already were pretty excited, because the highlight of the day was about to begin. First we again had some free-time to get something to eat. Some students decided to go and eat fish and chips, either for the first time at all or for the first time after a long time again. In a nice little fish & chips restaurant they enjoyed their meal. As the show must go on, we met in front of the theatre in which Aladdin was playing. The musical was just stunning! The actors were amazing and the stage design was unbelievable. Everyone was amazed! After that we went home and fell asleep straight away.

The main attraction we visited on day 3 was the famous Camden Market, which is an area with many futuristic and “trendy” stores and shops. We really enjoyed the atmosphere around this place, as it was pretty chilled and a bit wild. There were a lot of street stores – small rooms in which you can buy everything your heart desires. It was a view into a poorer but nevertheless very interesting area. I would definitely visit it again!

Now the last full day of our gorgeous trip began: After arriving at Old St. we had a guide showing us around the beautiful street art of East London Street. He explained us the meaning of some graffiti or sculptures, including the background history of some of the individual artists: Banksy, Stik, Swoon and many more. After this astonishing tour, we took the underground to London Bridge, where we had time to look around Borough market. Afterwards, we walked to the Shard and had a blast seeing London from above with a whopping 305 meters under us; we were seeing London in its full glory. At around 4PM we had more free time to walk along the South Bank to see Shakespeare’s Globe from the outside and maybe discover more street art or just go along the River Thames and watch artists or just enjoy the rest of the day, before heading back to Eltham at 8PM, where we had our last dinner with our host families.

Friday was the last day of our London week. In the morning we dropped off our suitcases and started our walk to the British Museum. There we had some free time, in which we could decide either to visit the museum or spend time around for some shopping or food. The ones of us who visited the museum saw interesting pieces from ancient Egypt and also the famous Rosetta Stone. Afterwards we enjoyed the last hours in London in a park. In the early afternoon we fetched the suitcases and made our way to the airport. After our arrival in Munich a coach brought us back to Kufstein, where all our families were already waiting for us. Looking back, this London week was one of the best things I have ever experienced! The city, the class atmosphere and the families are something I will not forget!

Emma Strohmeyer, 6A