Music, motivation and passion

Rising young musician explains his success model to the students

Applied practical knowledge of IT together with passion for music was part of curriculum at ISK in mid-March.

Since the end of 2013, Steve Edinger, alias „EDI“, has been successful as a producer of electronic music. As part of the IT lesson he introduced the basic principles of good work as a producer, the used soft- and hardware and of course his latest releases to the enthusiastic students.

Steve, who works as an IT-administrator for FH Kufstein in his day job, also informed the class about the beginning of his career, live performances in the region and the collaboration with his Berlin label.

The message definitely came across: you can reach your goals with commitment, perseverance and last but not least having fun doing the work. The ISK Tirol team wishes Steve every success for his further career in music business.

„EDI“ on Soundcloud: