Physics Olympics finally back after a year's break

ISK students demonstrated their skills

My name is Roman Eder (7A) and this year I took part in the Physics Olympics together with Lena Krainthaler (6A), which was now finally possible again, albeit with restrictions. The Physics Olympics are a competition that allow students interested in physics to demonstrate their skills in both theoretical and practical problems covering topics from mechanics via thermodynamics and optics through to electricity.

Of course, due to this year's special Corona-related circumstances, the amongst physics enthusiasts very popular accompanying programme, also had to be cancelled. As the gathering of larger crowds was impossible this year, the competition was divided on a regional basis and the qualified pupils had to compete in their respective districts. As a result, Lena and I took part in the competition at the BRG Wörgl on April 14th.

Despite all these limitations caused by the pandemic, I was able to achieve the third place in Tyrol this year and was ranked in the top ten at national level.

I am looking forward to the upcoming year, in which the Olympics can hopefully be held again in its time-honoured and usual way, including the accompanying programme, and I can advise all physics-enthusiastic pupils to try their luck themselves.

Roman Eder, 7a