Science Days - IB Group 4 Project

7A students work together on scientific / technological topics to develop an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and their influence on other areas of knowledge

The group 4 project is an obligatory science task to be completed during the IB course. This year the students spent one day in the Kaisergebirge to study physics and one day in a beekeeping company to find out more details about the development and the anatomy of bees. After the practical part the students had to prepare a poster to present their findings. Find enclosed some impressions and the feedback of the students.

Feedback of 7A students:

"On the first day of our science days, we took a ride with the Kaiserlift together with Mr Reitberger. On the way, we used various measuring devices from our physics lab to measure certain quantities. 

On the second day, we went to the bee keeping company of Mr Holzknecht. There we made different experiments with bees and we gained insights into the job of a beekeeper. Overall, I think the science days were a good experience and something different compared to normal school life." - Julian Wöhry

"On the first day of the science days we took a gondula and went up the Kaisergebirge, we measured many varbiables, like wind speed or even radiation. On the second day we went to the beekeeper' house of our biology teacher. Observing and investigating the life of a bee and its daily job. Overall, a pleasant experience." -Maximilian Pfister

"The Science Days were a quite extraordinary and unique experience for me. I especially liked the second day, on which my group visited Mr. Holzknecht in his own beekeeping-company. 

Through several different methods we had the possibility to discover all around the bee and learned about its importance and duties in our world." -Shiva Swist-Standl 

"For me the science days were a really nice and interesting event. In those three days we were able to get to know sciences from a completely different side than we normally do. 

I can now officially say that I have knowledge in beekeeping that some professional beekeepers do not even have. 

Also, I am prepared for my next hike in the Kaisergebirge, as I now know how temperature, air humidity and radioactivity changes while going up with the lift. All in all, a really cool experience!" -Emma Strohmeyer