Solo Theatre Performance by Ádám Hevér

The play as part of the IB HL Theatre Course demonstrated the sustained and effective use of appropriate performance and production elements

On Dec 19th a rare event occurred in our ISK history. It is an important part of the IB Higher Level Theatre course to create an eight-minute long solo theatre play in which the students engage as actors, directors and designers. Officially, ISK Tirol offers the IB Theatre course as a standard level subject only. However, for rare talents and extremely gifted students, exceptions can be made.

Therefore, students of the sixth, seventh, and eighth classes now had the pleasure to experience the first and only performance of Ádám Hevér’s solo theatre play in the Kultur Quartier Kufstein.

The play – based on the theatre theory of the Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor – was shockingly intense, well crafted and portrayed an utterly realistic and intimate glance into the dark abyss of depression. The long applause was duly earned. A long discussion session after the play allowed to engage with the young artist and uncovered further details and different interpretations. To complete the task, Ádám still has to write a 20 page report on the process of creation.

Klaus Reitberger - teacher of Physics, Theatre - Drama in Education and Theory of Knowledge