Valuable orientation for the time after graduation

Career fair offered a wide range of information and provided answers to urgent questions of the students

In cooperation with the "Cimbria Kufstein", the ISK Tirol organised the first Career Fair in the banquet hall.

On the 24th of February 2020, the fifth grade participated in this event. This career fair was held for the 7th & 8th classes to ask questions about the path they would have to take to become a doctor, pilot, policeman and some other careers. We were able to interview a wide range of people practicing different jobs for many years. They were able to answer all the questions about the job they practiced. Many thanks to the following people for giving us an insight into their professional life:

  • Dr. Rene Gruber, Psychotherapist
  • Dr. Clemens Telser, Lawyer
  • Marco Vinciguerra, Policeman
  • Florian Unterberger, MSc., Entrepreneur
  • Thomas Telser, Pilot
  • Dr. Klaus Berek, Doctor

 Maurits, Rene, Flora, Lena - 5a