Admission dates by prior agreement with the head of school


Application (lower and upper secondary school) opens on November 1st, 2023 for school year 2024/25

The admission procedure consists of three steps:


1st step: Application

Submit the completed application form to the school. Documents and forms that have not yet been submitted must be submitted as soon as possible to complete the first step. 

2nd step: the admission procedure

The admission procedure

The admission process consists of a personal interview and does not have the character of an exam. This process enables us to assess the suitability of our educational programme for the prospective student’s needs.

Applicants should fulfill the following criteria:

• Motivated learners
• Good performance in their previous school career
• Good level of English (for admission to upper secondary school)
• Successful completion of grade 4 (for admission to ISK lower secondary school) respectively of grade 8 (for admission to ISK upper secondary school) or an equivalent educational level in their own country

3rd step: Information to the applicants and completion of the procedure

Applicants are informed of the outcome and the admission procedure is completed

ISK Tirol will inform parents/legal guardians and students of the result of the admission process in writing. The students will be enrolled after they receive written notification of acceptance, after their parents/guardians sign the educational contract and pay the entrance fee and the tuition fee for the first month of the school year. 

Admission to the school is also possible into a school level other than grade 5 (lower level) or grade 9 (upper level). It depends on the educational level of the student and is decided by the Head of School on an individual basis.

Contact / Application

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Registrations as of 01 November 2023 (for lower and upper school, school year 2024/25)