Financial Support

ISK Tirol aims to be a school without social boundaries. This means that we strive to include motivated students between 10/11 and 18/19 years of age from all social backgrounds depending on the results of the talent assessment.

A prerequisite for a reduction in the tuition fees based on the financial situation of the family (social scholarship) from the ISK Tirol is that the family has previously applied for financial support from governmental institutions (federal province or state). For further information, please refer to the document “Governmental Education Grants and Other Financial Support in Austria”. If students are not eligible for financial aid from the government, a company or another institution, low-income Austrian families can directly apply to the ISK Tirol for a scholarship.

Reductions in Tuition Fees Based on Financial Situation

ISK Tirol grants a reduction in tuition fees based on the family income. After successful completion of the admission process and obtaining the school’s approval for financial support, the applicant has to present proof of the family’s income (refer to Documents to Be Submitted).

After receiving a reduction in the tuition fee (social scholarship) based on the financial situation, applicants will still be liable to pay part of the tuition fee. Please refer to the section “Tuition Fees and Scholarships” in the admission contract.

Parents whose children are directly supported by companies or institutions should contact the management of ISK Tirol at to discuss details regarding the scholarship.


An ISK Tirol scholarship covers the tuition fees for one year. The entrance fee and additional fees detailed in the section “Tuition Fees/Additional Costs” on this website still have to be paid.


ISK Tirol scholarship is awarded for one school year only. ISK Tirol will renew the scholarship year by year to ensure sustained support during the student’s time at the ISK Tirol, provided there is enough money in the scholarship fund and the student’s financial situation remains unchanged.

To renew the ISK Tirol scholarship, a new application must be submitted each year. The headmaster decides whether the scholarship is approved or denied.

Scholarship Award Criteria and Proof of Income

A written application must be submitted before the ISK Tirol can award a reduction in tuition fees. This should include details regarding the applicant’s social and financial situation.

Additionally, proof of income is needed.

Application and Legal Disclaimer

For all information regarding a reduction in the tuition fees based on the financial situation, please contact the ISK Tirol at All cases will be carefully and individually assessed.

If necessary, these regulations may be deviated from. There is no legal claim to the granting of reductions in the tuition fees.

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