Inquiry and reflective learning in and out of the classroom

Trips, Visits & Talks

Interdisciplinary events, exciting excursions in Austria and abroad or participation in performance-enhancing competitions are important components of a varied school life outside the classroom.

A wide range of activities awaits the students.


Educational excursions lasting several days have special objectives, broaden the students' horizons of knowledge and, last but not least, provide valuable experiences and insights for the class community.

Current offers:

- Language trips (England, Spain)

- Sports weeks

- Vienna trips

- IB science days

EU mobility project in the education programme "Erasmus+ School Education" approved for ISK Tirol

Teachers and ISK management staff also undergo regular further training and have the opportunity to take part in funded stays abroad within the framework of the Erasmus+ network. These stays abroad support the ongoing professionalisation in English-language teaching and stronger international networking of the International School Kufstein Tirol.

Visits & Trips

One-day visits complement the respective subject lessons and provide an opportunity for learning through experience.


- Theatre visits

- Visits to companies and university information events

- Ski and Sleddingdays

- Science field trips

- Visits to art exhibitions

Lectures and events at school

Lectures by experts from various fields, workshops, readings, career fairs (study and career orientation), "Gerichtsbarkeit goes school" or the Erasmus-Days (together with the FH Kufstein Tirol) are examples of classroom events that help students to expand their practical and theoretical knowledge.

Another special offer at ISK Tirol is the K.E.T - Kufstein English Theatre (Kufstein's one and only English language theatre ensemble) under the leadership of theatre teacher Klaus Reitberger. As part of the varied theatre lessons, the 10th and 12th grade students put on a play in English every year for the interested public and other schools.

Participation in various school competitions promotes the diverse skills and talents of the young people (Känguru der Mathematik, Essay Competition of the University of Innsbruck, Biber der Informatik, 7 Euro Cash@school Project, Physics Olympiad, ...).

An annual highlight of the school year is the graduation ceremony for the final year students, which takes place at the beginning of July in the school's banquet hall.