Strategic Approach

„At the International School Kufstein Tirol, we strive to support our students’ development into informed, active and responsible citizens of the world.“ (excerpt from the mission statement)

In our teaching and learning program we focus on our mission statement as well as on the innovative “learner Profile” of the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization).

ISK Tirol is a private denominational school under the terms of the Austrian law. Additionally, ISK Tirol is a recognized "IB World School" since April 06, 2017 and therefore part of an international community with 5.400 IB-schools with IB-accreditation in 160 countries (refer to

IB Diploma Programme - Successful five year evaluation

Over the last two years (Feb. 21 - Feb. 23) ISK has gone through their mandatory five year evaluation that is required by the International Baccalaureate. For our evaluation, the IB said we “show development beyond requirements.” This is a testament to the development over the last five years by many people.

The IB Evaluation team found that there was nothing we need to change about our program and gave us many complements, including, “the school recognizes the importance of a globally focused education; its experienced international staff and leadership and students who enjoy being IB students mean the community is well prepared for the next steps in its development.”

“We see ourselves committed to the Christian-humanist worldview. The IBO's innovative learner profile is at the heart of the teaching and learning programme.”
The Leadership Team


in a lower and upper secondary school

ISK Tirol started its education programme in 2015/16 as an “Oberstufenrealgymnasium” (upper secondary gymnasial school), where students are educated based on the Austrian national curriculum. After four years of study at the ISK Tirol, students graduate with the Austrian Zentralmatura and with the internationally standardized and externally assessed IB Diploma. This enables students to study afterwards at Austrian, European and international universities. 

"Finger on the pulse" curriculum

for students starting from the age of 10 

Due to an increasing need and demand in society and economy, the international education program at the ISK Tirol will be extended starting from the academic year 2021/2022. In addition to the already existing upper secondary school, students will then also be able to start at the education campus at the age of 10 in a modern educational lower secondary school program.

Motivated young students receive individual support and special talent promotion, regardless of their social or religious background, on a campus with a very modern learning environment.

"An international education, like the one offered at ISK Tirol, is becoming increasingly important. The IB programme promotes many skills that you don't get everywhere. Since we are a small school, there is also a lot of solidarity among the students.“

Marc Naier, school representative