Welcome to the ISK Tirol! 

We are proud to be one of only two IB World Schools in Tirol, which means that we as a community are committed to providing a positive, international and high-quality education for all pupils in Tirol and beyond, whatever their background. We are committed to making our school excellent, and to making our school a happy place for everyone. And we are committed to supporting each and every pupil as an individual, so that they can fulfil their own unique potential.

We are very much a community, which includes the pupils and the very international team of staff, of course, but also our parents and our partners, from the Fachhochschule and the Stadt Kufstein to the Land Tirol and supporting companies in the region. Everyone brings something to the community, and everyone offers something to the community – opportunities to learn and to grow. Our community is based on respect for all people and it makes the ISK Tirol a vibrant, stimulating and exciting school to be a part of.

We are also ambitious for our pupils and indeed for ourselves. We encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and their own decisions. Sometimes they will make mistakes and fall down, but they will learn from that and we will support them to get back up and try again. That is where the IB Learner Profiles are so important. Developing the ten attributes will help all pupils to grow and fulfil their own potential:

  • inquirers
  • knowledgeable
  • thinkers
  • communicators
  • principled
  • open-minded
  • caring
  • risk-takers
  • balanced
  • reflective

We hope that we as a school embody these attributes, too. And when our pupils graduate and leave the ISK, we want them to take the skills they have learned and the values they have acquired into the wider world – and to help make the world better and more peaceful. If they can do that, each in their own way, then we as a community have been successful.

I hope that you enjoy learning more about the ISK from the pages of this website. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ian Barnes

Head of School