Tuition Fees & Costs

Admission to the private International School Kufstein Tirol entails the payment of tuition fees and additional costs. As a school without social boundaries we are committed to offer all motivated and interested young people the chance to attend ISK Tirol. Under certain circumstances ISK Tirol offers a reduction in tuition fees based on the financial situation of the family and provides scholarships to students whose parents could not otherwise afford to send their children to our school. 

Thanks to the very unique integration of the school into the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, the financial support provided by the province of the Tyrol, the city of Kufstein and many sponsors and supporters, we can offer this international, comprehensive and standardized educational programme at the costs stated below:

Tuition Fees

Monthly tuition fee including lunch and IB-fees: € 585

Payment is due at the start of each school year and on the 5th of each consecutive month (12 payments!) via direct debit.

Additional Fees and Costs

Entrance fee (one-off payment): € 350 (payment due upon signing the educational contract and after successfully completing the admission process)

Although ISK Tirol makes a large effort to find sponsors for additional activities and services, additional costs that are common to all IB Schools may occur in the course of the year:

  • IB registration, election of IB subjects, IB core fee (charged by the IBO)
  • Special learning materials and learning aids
  • Excursions and field trips
  • Language exchange programmes
  • Extra-curricular activities

Transport costs: Transport to and from the school is free for students who are permanent residents in Austria. 

Some families may be eligible to certain tax benefits or state grants. For further information concerning tuition or other school fees, please contact us at