Project aims to creatively introduce the topics of waste avoidance and separation as well as recycling

6a is part of the "Circus Climate Plastic Manege"

The 6a class of ISK Tirol took part in the creative environmental protection project "Circus Climate". More than 600 children and young people from Kufstein participated in this project organised by the "Jugendzentrum Kufstein". The pupils collected plastic waste at home to hang on a construction fence. They were offered a great opportunity to actively deal with the topics of plastic waste, waste avoidance, waste separation and recycling.

In September, all the fences hung with plastic waste became the "Circus Climate Plastic Manege", which could be visited from 30 September onwards on the forecourt of the Stadtgalerie Kufstein "dia:log". Of course, 6a did not miss the opportunity to visit the biggest environmental monster of our time as part of the "Environmental Monster Show".

Mag. Sarah Kreidl, German teacher