Important milestone in the area of international networking and cooperation

ISK Tirol's application for accreditation in the Erasmus+ programme approved

We have succeeded! 

At the end of January, the International School Kufstein Tirol, represented by Erasmus Coordinator Mag. Johanna Rauch, received the very good news that the extensive project application had been approved and the school is an accredited institution in the EU Erasmus+ school education funding programme.

This gives the IB World School a whole range of opportunities to start international collaborations, promote the mobility of pupils and teachers and further strengthen the competences of the ISK team in various areas. Furthermore, international experts can be invited to the school for lectures or workshops as part of the project.

The goals are diverse:

- Increasing cooperation in the context of diversity and interculturality

- Strengthening students' intercultural competence and social skills through networking with students from other European schools

- Increasing the foreign language skills of teachers and students and improving the quality of teaching a subject in a foreign language

- Improving the mental and physical health of the school community

- Digital teaching and the promotion of digital skills

The preparatory work is already in full swing. The project will officially start in June 2024, various actions can be realised by 2027.