6th grade art project enriches the school building

"Family of ISK"

"Familiy of ISK" was created by classes 6a and 6b in the 2023/24 school year as part of their design lessons. Both teachers and students were involved in the realisation of the artwork. Wool was used to describe themselves.

In this project we were looking to make an intervention within the interior design of our school. It can be found on the second floor of the school building.

The project comprise of two sections:

- the colour of light on the windows influanced by the artist / architect / designer Olafur Elliason and

- a second interactive art installation created by Polish / English designer Dora Grabkowska

Both parts deal with concepts such as community, collaboration and the use of form and colours to bring us together and inspire others.

In this learning unit we asked ourselves questions such as:
- How can colours and forms enhance motivation?
- What is our responsibility for the shape of our community?

Daphna Weinstein, Arts and Design teacher