With a 1.500 Euro donation, the ISK gave the organisation "Zukunft für Tshumbe" in Africa a pre-Christmas surprise gift

International School Kufstein makes a donation for „Zukunft für Tshumbe“

"Through contacts we learned about this remarkable development project in Congo, one of the poorest regions in the world. Since we were immediately convinced of the meaningfulness and personal commitment, and since both our mission statement and the mission statement of our partner organisation 'International Baccalaureate Organisation' fit very well with this initiative, we are very happy to support here," explains the Leadership Team Claudia Atzl and Walter Weiskopf.

"Zukunft für Tshumbe" was launched almost 10 years ago by the young Tyrolean Manuela Erber-Telemaque. Since then, numerous educational projects have been implemented together with the local population. A kindergarten, primary school, hospital ward and workshops have already been built. Urgently needed medicines, baby food and school equipment are purchased with donations. Through the project, the children receive quality education and have a regular daily routine.

Especially for orphans and children with disabilities, the care is very important and enables them to start a secure life. "The ISK Tirol would like to make a small contribution to the successful development of the voluntary initiative. It also aims to raise our students' awareness of intercultural understanding and respect," concluded Atzl and Weiskopf.

More information: www.zukunft-fuer-tshumbe.or.at.