"Start-up of the Year" award goes to young entrepreneur Noah Brunner

ISK graduate wins Innovation Award

Noah Brunner, former school representative and alumnus of ISK, recently won the Innovation Award of the chamber of commerce Kitzbühel for "best start-up of 2024" with his newest company, 'Kitz Flavour'. The main areas assessed were regionality, sustainability and added value for the region.

'Kitz Flavour' stands as an online emporium for premium foods and delicacies. Offering top quality, absolute transparency in both origin and production, and a focus on regional products, 'Kitz Flavour' showcases goods sourced from various regions, predominantly Kitzbühel, but also Italy.

Congratulations from the ISK Tirol!

Website: www.kitzflavour.at

Pic: WK Kitzbühel