Support for motivated young people who have distinguished themselves through special performance in their school career

ISK Tirol awards achievement-based scholarships

As IB World School, in the spirit of our mission statement we are proud to support gifted and committed students in addition to awarding social scholarships. Therefore, the school owner "FH Kufstein Tirol-Privatstiftung", in cooperation with the school management, is again awarding several achievement-based scholarships this year to students of the upper school.


  • - Student attends the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade of ISK Tirol (upper school).
  • - Excellent school results in the previous school years or very good performance in the current year
  • - Extracurricular commitment
  • - Special musical, athletic, artistic or similar talents/abilities
  • - Application is endorsed and supported by form teacher
  • Submission of the informal, written application and any accompanying documents (e.g. certificates of achievement, certificates, letters of support from clubs, etc. by Monday, June 3, 2024, 13 p.m. at the latest to the form teacher.

An awarding committee consisting of the school owner, the school and management board and form teachers will decide on the awarding of the scholarship by the end of June.

The award ceremony will take place on Monday of the last week of school (July 1) in the main hall.