With around 100,000 participants every year in Austria alone, this competition is one of the best-known nationwide school activities

'Känguru der Mathematik' competition

More than 70 students from the International School Kufstein took on the challenge and participated in the international maths competition on Thursday, March 17th.

Congratulations to the winners! You did a great job!

Mag. Laura Bärnthaler, Maths teacher


Grade 5 (1AB):

Fedir Nevedrov

Adam Nowicki

Lisa-Marie Wiechenthaler


Grade 9 (5AB):

Tobia Dadie

Ella Zachmann

Victor Napthali


Grade 10 (6AB):

Elena Egger

Maria Hanks

Johanna Pirolt


Grade 11 (7AB):

Tom Seliger

Benjamin Luneberg

Lorenz Manzl