Congratulations from the school community!

New student and parent representatives

We congratulate our newly elected school representative Laurenz Loidl (12A), our first vice representative Lionard Pointner (10A) and our second vice representative Marc Naier (12B). We look forward to your ideas and the positive impact you´ll bring to our school!

"We are honoured to introduce ourselves as your new school representative team. We are looking forward to working closely with you all to make this year a good one." - School representative team

We are also very pleased to be able to announce the results of the Parent-Teacher-Student Association (Schulgemeinschaftsausschuss) elections. The three parent representatives are:

  • Bianca Prevedel
  • Hans Pfitzner
  • Sabine Schernthaner

The three deputy representatives (Stellvertreter) are:

  • Brent Kigner
  • Erik Pfannmöller
  • Karien van der Putten – van Vloten


from left to right: School representatives Marc Naier, Laurenz Loidl, Lionard Pointner