Commitment to children and young people in need - Missio campaign is supported

Selling chocolate for a good cause

Over the last few weeks, class 1B has been working intensively on a charitable project. As part of Missio's youth campaign (for more information: the students found out about the situation of poor children in different countries. To support these, a fair-trade chocolate sale was planned. In order to advertise this, the students went through all the classes with posters they had designed themselves. The chocolate praline sale was a complete success. € 314,92.- were collected in just 10 minutes!

The money goes to the following four projects:

  • Emergency aid for refugees from Ukraine
  • A center for street children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Education for children in Colombia
  • A tree planting project on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Mag. Hannah Ehrensberger, form teacher, Religious education