IB Diploma Programme - successful five year evaluation

Top marks for International School Kufstein Tirol

The International School Kufstein (ISK) Tirol has literally asserted itself as a “model student”. The occasion was the most recent evaluation process of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), which the school undergoes every five years.

The evaluation by the IBO is truly no walk in the park. The evaluation team assesses no less than eleven standards and subject areas, a school "self-study" and a programme development plan. In addition, the submitted documents were reviewed down to the smallest detail, the school in Kufstein was visited virtually and discussions were held with members of the school community.

The efforts were definitely worthwhile, as the recently received final report shows. "The evaluation team gave generally good marks. And for the standards, they even stated a development beyond requirements," explains Rick Lewis, coordinator of the international programme at ISK.

ISK also recognizes the importance of a globally focused education. " its experienced international staff and leadership and students who enjoy being IB students mean the community is well prepared for the next steps in its development.," the final report reads.

Such an evaluation serves to assure and improve the quality of the internationally renowned curriculum. "We would like to thank the students, teachers and parents for their support in achieving this excellent rating," concludes Claudia Atzl, Head of School.

February 2023